Throughout 2018 and 2019, The Watch thinks of the watchtower as a structure that broadcasts, instead of seeing it only as built for observation and surveillance. In a row of residencies and collaborative research meetings we will merge the concept of the watchtower with notions of radio and broadcasting. Outcomes, attempts, produced material and new questions will be the basis for a radio broadcast in late autumn 2019.

Notions of radio broadcasting, wavelengths, disembodied voices or political bodies were at the core of four research-based residencies in 2018: 
Narrowcastings (Dominique Hurth with Dave Tompkins (NYC), Daniela Cascella (London), Jack Henri Fisher (Chicago) and Vasilis Marmatakis (Athens)),
Hyperhistorical Transmissions (Lydia Hamann, Liv Strand, Jean-Ulrick Desert and Thenjiwe Nikosi),
Dedications (Chris Gylee with the record selectors Yewande Adenira, Toria Banks, Elie Gregory, Rob Johnstone, Cormac Mcadam, Valerie Renay, Sybren Renema, Jo Zahn; and the voices of Ania Aristarkhova, Claudia Basrawi, Marcos Brias, Agathe Chion, Jorge De Hoyos, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Rhyannon Styles and Sirje Viise),
and Imperfect Voices (Anna Bromley and Jo Zahn).