Open Call for residencies - 2019

The Watch consists of a group of artists and cultural producers that inhabits the former GDR watchtower on Schlesischer Busch (Berlin-Treptow) during the summer months, in the formats of residencies, semi-public events, screenings and talks. The former watchtower has a long tradition of cultural and artistic production ever since Reunification, yet, in recent years, the building has become a place for reflection rather than mere production: artists, writers, choreographers, and other thinkers have been invited to spend time within and around the tower to consider the building’s texture, its history, its future, as well as its present position within Berlin’s cultural and political landscape. More than a remnant from the Cold War, it is a container for the conflicting narratives of the past 30 years, and even serves as a projection surface for the future. The tower appears as quickly as it disappears, squeezed in on the one hand by an area of fast-paced gentrification, and in limbo on the other – its dormant energy therefore carries desires and failures, breathing in, breathing out.

For every two-year cycle, The Watch works with one thematic topic. For the years 2018 and 2019 The Watch has been thinking of the watchtower as a structure that broadcasts, emits and speaks up instead of seeing it only as built for observation and surveillance. Based on a formal analogy between a radio tower and the watchtower and other usages of military buildings for pirate radios (such as the 1960s Radio City in the Channel), the dormant energy of the watchtower is here activated and can be understood as frequencies. Notions of radio broadcasting, wavelengths, disembodied voices or political bodies are at the core of research-based residencies.

We are currently looking for artists, writers, choreographers, producers and others practitioners who are interested in responding to this cycle’s themes for two residency periods in the summer of 2019.

Terms and Conditions:
The tower is under the care of Flutgraben e.V.
Each residency is 3 weeks long.
Access to the tower is granted following the usage guidelines of the tower.
The tower has no toilet, no drinking water and is not wheelchair accessible. Each resident will get access to the nearby Flutgraben building including common kitchen and bathroom.
The Watch meets monthly to share contents, thoughts, sketches, words, images, finished or non-finished works. The participant of the residency commits to participate in this monthly research cluster during the period of their residency.
Research and outcomes of the residency will be included as part of a collective public broadcast emitting from the tower in the Fall 2019.
The Watch works on a voluntary basis and receives no further public funding for the residency. A symbolic budget of 150 euro will be allocated to each resident to cover possible material and production costs. Thus we primarily encourage applications from Berlin-based producers.

Residency #1: May 27 - June 16 2019
Residency #2: June 17 - July 07 2019

Please send a maximum 300 words PDF-document stating your interests in the residency, how you relate to the broadcast theme and what you would like to investigate during your stay.
Please also state your prefered residency period.
Additional mandatory PDF-documents include a short biography (150 words) and 2-3 images of your work (or 2 links for media based works (max 3 minutes per work); or 2-3 excerpts of texts, max 2 pages per text).

Please send your application to: by the 15th of January 2019.

The Watch is currently Chris Gylee, Lydia Hamann, Dominique Hurth and Jo Zahn. Coming from the fields of theatre, scenography, visual arts, writing, performance and curating, an interdisciplinary and collaborative practice is at the core of The Watch informed by feminist, queer and non-hegemonic strategies.